Sunday, June 04, 2006

Samurai Friends [Work in Progress]

This is a portrait of some of my friends in a manga style. I will update this post when I draw more characters

  • My brother David.

  • My friend Juanma.

  • My friend Rosa.

  • My self-portrait.

  • This is my friend Jorge

  • This is a small Making of.


Virginia Valle said...

wonderful :) me gusta muchisimo y el ambiente es super.. me muero por verla terminada ;)

Juanma said...

Amos a ver cuanto tardas terminarlo, ya hay ganas de ver a la gente de fondo :D

Alina Chau said...

beautiful, can't wait to see the finish painting!

Bobby Chiu said...

looks great! can't wait to see the finished piece

Virginia Valle said...

Me encanta mucho los retratos y el ambiente wowww les va perfecto!!!:)

Rous said...

q way!cuando esté toda la peña va a quedar muy chulo :D Aunque mi dibu decapitada no tiene precio jajaja

Anonymous said...

really really amazing your work !!!
i got very surprised!
keep it up, your skill is ginormous!

( º3º)